Hosted CRM with SMS and Faxes

Hosted crm has long been the basic requirement for any new business but traditional routes to market such as Faxes and SMS messaging are increasingly being requested, together hosted crm fax and sms offer a more engaging route to your prospects.

As part of our continued development program we empowered WiredContact to send and receive SMS and Fax messages via a number of carriers with optional elements such as where and how you host and where we route your SMS and fax traffic.

Your users create templates in the usual way, they can merge in any field from within your database into any of the templates, this means you can create a mass SMS text message to a look up of contacts and send it from WiredContact, the messages leave the system as an email and arrive as a text.

The same is true with Faxes, the advantage of this solution is that replies to both messages type can come back from either text or SMS directly to the account of the person who sent it.  If you are using the Outlook integration tool then you can attach this to the contact record automatically

For more details see this link