Filemaker Conversion to hosted CRM

Filemaker Conversion to hosted CRM was the objective for a facilities Management company with a creaking although functioning Filemaker system.

Primary reasons for wanting to migrate included

  1. Reduce cost of support for FileMaker
  2. Enable more people to have access to the data regardless of location
  3. Integrate with website
  4. Enable Client to automate many procedures.

After a series of web meetings we understood how they were using the system required a conversion from Filemaker Conversion to hosted CRM as quickly as possible.

The company had a number of divisions in remote locations as well as staff on site who would need to check which job they had to attend next and to update the billing team about completed jobs. The platform was also intended to help them take on more staff in other offices whilst avoiding the capital outlay of additional FileMaker development.

The client had over 60,000 records and twice in the past year they had suffered downtime as a result of lost data , The clients had well defined workflow in place and all staff were experience operators which made the job quite simple. An initial brief set out the key objectives for the Company whilst departmental objectives were also clearly outlined and demonstrated where needed,

The solution was scoped out over the course of a few short web meetings and we were able to engage with all departments and key personnel before presenting the draft proof of concept solution back to them for approval. This approach ensured all staff were brought into the process which ensured a higher take up rate than had been achieved with the earlier Filemaker.

It was noticeable that when engineers were asked to comment about how a system could better support them they tended to be very focussed on the task at hand and required very little detail early on and were happy with completing the forms whilst on site using a mobile device. The end result has led to a considerably larger number of invoices going out earlier which was not anticipated.

After a week we were initially contacted the Client was in a position to use the system which was tweaked over the course of the next 10 days and was fully adopted by all departments in the first four weeks.  For an overview and to arrange a trial please see this link or call us on 020 8099 3032