Self hosted CRM solutions

Self hosted CRM solutions
It sounds like a great idea as you potentially could save a lot in hosting fees right?

Once you have purchased a server that’s robust enough and put in place the person or company to manage the server then it’s all plain sailing. Of course you will need someone familiar with Firewalls, mobile devices and the top 5 browsers as well as HTML, ASP, PHP SQL and IIS who also understands your business.

All great so far, sounds like it’s pretty simple. Next this member of your team who is going to be around 24x7x365 just needs to learn to use the solution from the users perspective as well as the back end. ¬†You just have to check the system will allow you to add as many tables as you need and to be able to relate the tables in the correct way to support your workflow, oh and check that it’s possible at all times to make the changes without restriction – after all you would not want to buy a Self hosted CRM solution where the application vendor locked you out from specific areas.

The reality is that most vendors who create vertical market applications actually need to lock you out of certain areas to ensure the cost of ownership for them is manageable, this is usually achieved with “System Administrator passwords” known as SA passwords and encrypted code that you cannot edit.

The solution is to have the vendor install for you and to manage it, this way you pay for the time you use from the vendor and have a support agreement in place. The vendor will agree with you who the instructing parties are on your team and the limits of that instruction before your senior management are involved.

The end result can be a good outcome for all parties but with self hosted CRM there is always the biggest threat that your team will become complacent and not develop the system, upgrades are ignored once the view is taken that “it’s not broken let’s not fix it” meaning you miss out on updates and enhancements.

If this is something you believe your team is ready for we can discuss the options in more detail and see how we can assist you. For more information see Self Hosted CRM

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