Membership Database

A Membership Database should be a simple to use system that allows everyone to know at a glance the state of a membership.

Different levels of membership could be based on a level of a monetary subscription or by affiliation so Architects have one type of membership and Solicitors another. Whichever method you operate it could be that you need to grant different people alternative levels of access.

  • The Membership secretary – needs to be able to see and edit all records as well as conduct campaigns to increase membership.
  • The Chairperson – needs to know the status of any record but may not be permitted to edit the records.
  • The Member – May want to renew online and to edit their details or to engage with your organisation.

Our system is simple to use and flexible allowing you to embed a self service portal into your website and then determine the way the portal works to ensure that all levels of membership are dealt with in the correct manner.

Once a person has paid they may be able to download documents and enjoy additional benefits is just one example of how a Membership Database could be managed.

Having an online Membership Database reduces the cost of administering your members and ensures subscriptions are paid in an orderly time and fashion.

Are you unique?
Your specific sector may be unique and of course few entities are exactly the same, it is for this reason our systems are designed with the common elements already in place and require only a little adaptation to be compliant with your needs. You can see a list of other solutions and Membership Database we have recently worked on here

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