CRM Automation

CRM Automation
Often there are times when a little sensitive well place automation could help your team process more business in a compliant manner example could include:-

  • WiredContact will automatically ensure your follow up procedures are adhered to.
  • WiredContact will automatically provide the reports you need and distribute them to everyone who needs them.
  • WiredContact will engage all prospects and clients in the preferred manner in advance of anniversaries.
  • WiredContact will prompt your team and Clients of approaching or outstanding issues.
  • WiredContact can uncover hidden opportunities in your database automatically.
  • You are waiting for the Client to return information or to update their record in your Client portal, you sent the information if the record is not updated within 14 days then you need to chase them with an email or a phone call. CRM Automation in this case makes your business look more professional.
  • You have taken on a new clients and need to complete specific steps for the record to be compliant, for so long as the record remains non compliant then polite reminders should be sent to them – every client we work with is unique and all want something different from their version of CRM Automation.
  • Your marketing department need to send updates out to various groups of contacts, some are existing Customers, others are new Clients within the first 90 days and others are prospective customers. CRM Automation can take the place of a member of staff with smaller companies and give the impression of size and ability.
  • Renewals and anniversaries – are a great time to get back in touch with a contact by phone or email or to remind a sales person to go and visit someone. CRM Automation in this case can make the difference between client retention and needing to replace them with new Clients.
  • Website Integration – A prospective new Client downloads something from your website or gives you their details. Instant fulfilment and a teaser follow up can significantly increase your conversion rate.


WiredContact CRM Automation is both ideal for capturing the data and robust enough to cope with many thousands of such scenarios with ease.

Compliance with changing legislation is a good reason to use the advanced automation that is built into WiredContact for example ensuring that recipients of your emails are able to opt out with a single click of the mouse and having an audit trail so you can demonstrate your standard terms of business were supplied at the correct time can all be vital to the success of your business.

For more detailed information and a demonstration of the CRM Automation features within our hosted CRM solution please call us on 020 8099 3032 or email