Customizable CRM

Customizable CRM is always going to cost less. Unfortunately most companies fail to understand this until they have tried “off the shelf solutions.

ReadWrite penned this article saying the CRM market share was projected to reach $37 billion by 2017. This makes it the largest software market. Considering the actual install base across the globe is only 1% it raises the question “How come there are so few successful deployments? ”

Software vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce all offer enterprise CRM systems.  There are a number of serious problems with their out-of-the-box solutions; difficulty to implement without expensive consultancy which leads to over inflated costs.

The more logical solution is to start with a Customizable CRM where all the basic features already exist and then develop this into what you recognise you need.

1. Stay focussed on your needs otherwise you are paying for complex features you will never use.
2. Remember each team or department will derive different benefits from the Customized CRM so document it.
3. Write down your ideas in a format everyone can see, share and understand. Once everyone feels they have contributed to the idea your deployment will be a lot easier. This handy guide to customizable CRM will save you a lot of time

Take advantage and automate that which you can, enhance what you should and understand the difference

From sales to customer service, technical support and daily routines; there will be regular emails that need to be sent to customers and suppliers. If your widgets or service are regular then a lot of this could automate. If every single job you do requires a bespoke email then automation may not be an option. Your daily operations will run more efficiently once a customizable CRM platform runs across multiple departments.

Customizable CRM means taking on what you want and not having to take on items you have no need for. WiredContact offers customizable CRM that will see your system up and running in days instead of weeks. Some CRM deployments with larger brand names can take many years.

Once your system is up and running it’s going to need reviewing periodically. Each department needs to keep a register of ideas. Periodically review the ideas with heads of departments to see what you can improve. This article on CRM deployment Plan and having a 90 day CRM challenge is useful.