Benefit of Implementing CRM for a small business

Benefit of Implementing CRM for a small business

When it was just you there was less stress, more control and yes probably more cash flow.
As you grow part of the challenge is making sure customers are still getting that great level of service. delegating responsibility in a compliant manner is essential.

There are benefits to implementing procedures in every company. The benefits include a cohesive strategy, clearly defined levels of service delivery and happy customers.

Off the shelf CRM systems where great when it was just you. Now you have a team, Customer Relationship Management is something you need to define. A well defined customer journey ensures there are no doubts in the team.  Once deployed the customer experience is consistent.

Synergy is a significant benefit of a well-crafted CRM system. Now you are in charge don’t rely on everyone telling about everything they do. Have key parameters that drive your business and check them at will.

Number of hits on the websites =
Number of new enquiries =
Number of orders in the pipeline =
Number of completed sales this period =
Number of lost orders =
Number of outbound calls =
Number of inbound calls =
Average order =

Your criteria could be different, we have a spreadsheet that will help you make the plan come together.

Your CRM system needs to support each process and staff member in their daily routines. When the client journey is well defined and properly understood the outcomes will be predictable and consistent.

Be sure to engage with your team each month as the metrics alter. They can offer insight into reasons for any fluctuation and suggestions to improve next month’s performance. Giving them an insight to your logic also shares responsibility for growth.

Your team need a clear understanding of the importance of CRM to a small business. Once understood you will see improvements in terms of economy and profit.

The biggest benefit of implementing a service CRM strategy is that you effectively replicate best practice with ease. Once you have the MacDonald’s principle at work for you, do little things well and consistently it’s simple to replicate.

At WiredContact we’ve listened to sales and service companies for 30 years. Whilst no two are identical there are many similarities.

Our CRM experience gets you where you want to be a lot quicker and a lower cost. Typically we have seen a complete ROI in months