C R M – Customer Relationship Management

C R M – Customer Relationship Management is the acronym often used to describe Customer Relationship Management. Often misunderstood it is an essential tool to deliver outstanding sales and support services.

Most companies have a C R M – system even if it’s something they bought in the 1980’s. Many have failed to upgrade it since. A C R M – system without training is a waste of money; not knowing how to use it is like buying a plane and never getting a licence to fly.

Who should buy C R M – Customer Relationship Management system?
Generally they fall into a few easy to identify categories.

Marketing, Sales and Service professionals usually find it difficult to manage reasonable volumes of work with an excel spreadsheet. Many small to medium companies keep straining away and wonder why they don’t grow.

What are the options when buying a C R M – Customer Relationship Management system?
1. Buy the cheapest one you can, after all they all do the same right – Wrong! many will have the same core elements and most are better than an excel spreadsheet. Low cost CRM will have few features, the worst support and will not adapt to how you work.

2. Buying from a well known brand name, could be a good idea. The brand name will have standard solutions, may visit your office and set up the C R M system. After days of installation and a few for training you should be reasonably competent. Although better than using a spreadsheet for C R M it is still not a bespoke solution.

3. A cloud based C R M system can be self hosted on your servers if you have servers related skills. The cost of staff to manage servers such as getting backups off site every day but accessible is usually prohibitive. Dealing with security and upgrading the server and the server licences every year.

4. Most companies recognise the benefit of cloud hosted bespoke CRM systems. Managing servers is not a core skill for most companies so outsourcing is a preferred option. WiredContact offer an affordable cloud based C R M supported by UK based staff with a first language of English.

Buying a well supported bespoke C R M system from a UK based CRM supplier will cost less. Never try to deploy a CRM system on your own, the cost will exceed the value.

About us
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