Rightmove BLM file into WordPress

Rightmove BLM file into WordPress was an important first step in the process to create the first in a series of local property portals. The process of creating a local property portals is not streamlined with many local agents now able to collaborate.

We can offer a variety of themes and functionality with full UK based support. Your local property portal could be up and running in a couple of days.

Local property Portal Example
We are particularly proud of the clean styling of the local property portal covering the Rye Bay Area of East Sussex – http://RyeBayProperty.co.uk¬†local estate agents simply make available their BLM files and the process does not take any of their time, a simple phone call to your data handler and it’s automated. Most data handlers offer this service for free.

The end result only require your existing partner to upload the Rightmove BLM file to us, we then automatically import it to your Estate Agency website. See https://wiredcontact.co.uk/Rightmove-BLM-Wordpress/index.html

Common Questions about a local property portal

  • Do I need another website – NO
  • Do have to update another portal – NO
  • Are properties loaded automatically – YES
  • Is it already in use in the UK – YES
  • To start a portal must I be an agent – NO
  • How Many Portals to a town – 1
  • Are enquiries shared with other agents – NO
  • Do I gain an advantage over local agents if I start the local property portal – NO
  • How long does it take to go live – a week
  • Will I need training – NO
  • Can the Portal sell additional services using PayPal – Yes

Please call for more details on 020 8099 3032