Action plan for CRM development and review every 90 days

An effective strategy toward CRM is a process of continual development and testing. As with any piece of software it will only deliver the results if everyone understands the objectives.

Be aware of your starting points What caused your initial invest in CRM ?
Make sure all members of each department understand the starting point.

Define the services you want to improve - for example:-

  1. By Department
    • Within each department there will be procedures which could be improved such as outbound marketing needs to be more regular and to be automated.
    • List issues and inefficiencies that could be improved in the next 90 days, write them down and ensure everyone agrees
    • Set a date for a review in the diary of every involved person

  1. By Function
    • How to you do your outbound marketing - where is the bottleneck ?
    • How do you handle fulfilment of enquiries and new orders ?
    • What is the average time from each key stage to the final exit point ?
    • Send a particular email X days before or after a date then why not automate it ?
    • When a set of conditions are true what about that triggering an action ?

  1. Now agree who is responsible for the change and by when
    • We can help with the implementation of your plans once they are written down
    • Your team will need help to engage with the new systems, reviews and tweaks may be required

Our Clients work in wide variety of sectors, all of them came to us because off the shelf CRM systems were not working exactly as they needed them to function. Our broad range of consulting experience is what sets us apart and adds value to our relationship.

If you do not have a 90 day plan then let us help you overcome the barriers. We are happy to provide the means by which you can give new direction to your Bespoke CRM solution.