Security Installation Management - Easily Manage Systems and Engineers

Simple access when and where needed

Engineers and field sales can work from home, they need to know the jobs scheduled for the day in good time; on arrival they need to know specifics about the job such as number and type of detectors, sounders, contacts, control panel type and any related site details. WiredContact will email the engineer every morning to let them know which appointments they have without them even entering the system. Our system works on most if not all mobile devices as well as PC and MAC.

  • Security Installation Management software

    From initial enquiry, site survey and installation
    Maintenance and support WiredContact puts you in control

    Office and Mobile application from only 18 a month - we are experts with data

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  • Security Installation monitoring

    Field engineers and head office use the same system
    Engineers have visibility of what they need

    Book appointments into engineers diary, engineer updates head office on parts spares and call backs in real-time. Complaint handling and false alarm monitoring can be handled with ease.

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  • Alarm Security Installation Management

    New enquiries, false alarms, service calls, installations,

    Have different screens per department if needed to ensure not a single essential step in your process is missed.

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  • CCTV Security Installation Management

    Sage integration, SMS messaging and a self service portal to let clients interact
    WiredContact can integrate with most existing database systems.

    Implement work-flow across the company and give everyone what they need to excel.

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What is wrong with existing systems and suppliers

  • They charge far too much and "per module"
  • They charge per number of client sites (so 1980's)
  • Some lock you out of your data
  • Some charge compulsory support even if you never need it
  • They will not customise the system to your business model

Create and implement a plan for change

  • We cost less than existing solutions
  • We let you have as many sites, clients as needed
  • We place no restrictions on accessing your data
  • We only ask that you pay for support if you need it
  • We set up the basic system and then show you how to adapt it as needed

Identify the key drivers for change

Clients have demands, needs and issues; they have variable equipment on site and you all need to know what's happening. From the type of detectors, sounders, contacts, control panel, and what type of contract they have. Our system works on most if not all mobile devices as well as PC and MAC. Once you have the data structure then you can report on anything.

  • Never lose a Service or Sales opportunity

    You set up the products you sell and the rates you charge.

    Report of false alarms and engineer activity sorted by Client name
  • See all of your open jobs at a glance

    These reports can be emailed as needed to your team.

    SSAIB Styled reports without the cost
  • See all of your installed jobs at a glance

    These reports can be emailed as needed to your team.

    SSAIB and NSI type reports automatically generated
  • Benefits of CRM for Engineer Management

    Engineers will have a clear vision of the jobs they need without needing to return to base
    Jobs will be assigned quicker and completed with less paperwork, Clients better informed, invoices out sooner
    Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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