Salesforce Alternative

Salesforce Alternative - WiredContact is powerful and extremely flexible

Salesforce Alternative

The popular Salesforce Alternative for Hosted CRM in the UK is WiredContact. Unlike many brand name CRM providers we don't answer to shareholders, we answer to you.

Designed for the more demanding installations where "off the shelf" simply cannot cope. WiredContact can deliver the systems your staff need and do so in a manner your senior technicians will appreciate. Our systems are simple to use, reliable and extremely flexible ensuring a high level of take up and ease of use.

You choose the way you want the CRM system adapted to support your business procedures, you define the fields, the layout and the work-flow procedures to support your business.

We offer UK based support with offices in the USA to ensure your CRM system is always operating at peak efficiency.

To help with your Migration from SalesForce we offer a complete "on-boarding" process to ensure the migration is as smooth as possible.

We are happy to assist with the data migration process and encourage you to get your data out before speaking with them about migration.

Our team are can arrange training with your staff at a time that works for them, to ensure a high take up and smooth transition from SalesForce to WiredContact.

Your salesforce will enjoy the simplicity of using the alternative salesforce solution.

Sales force management is as much about empowering the team as it is having the tools available to report on them. We place you in charge of activity not just reporting on the results.