Automatic Lead Management

When a lead comes in from your website it can automatically go into your database in real time. WiredContact then sends a standard email based on the type of enquiry and notifies your team with a copy of the email.

WiredContact can do this automatically 24 x 7 .

Let us know your process, we show you how to automate the follow up - for example:-

  • 1 - Prospect requests details of product so WiredContact sends details immediately
  • 2 - Enters the details of lead into your database and notify sales person of lead.
  • 3 - If sales person has not contacted lead in 2 days sends a follow up to lead
  • 4 - Notifies Manager a lead has been allowed to go cold
  • 5 - If the lead does not purchase then stay in touch every 60 days.

Far more intricate options are available depending on the structure of your business and your objectives for each process.

Automatic lead management can generate a lot of new business by presenting the best first impression of your company.

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