Letting Company CRM Solutions

Self Service and Peace of mind

Letting Company CRM Solutions are no more complex that any other business. The issue comes when vendors try to blur the functions of software in the belief that one size fits all. The reality is each landlord wants to know that all is well at a higher level, the Tenant needs to know the detail is correct such as maintenance, insurance, safety inspection etc. As the Professional it's your role to keep everyone informed.

Profile the Landlord and Properties

Profile the Tenants

Benefits of CRM for Letting Company professionals

A flexible CRM solution will lets you manage the essentials which the critical aspects of compliance, health and safety are taken care of. Marketing and business administration with website integration is all available in the Portal.

You dictate the features you need to ensure your objectives are properly met.
Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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