CRM Systems for Architects and Surveyors

Grow your Practice with confidence

We are UK based with offices in the US, we offer bespoke CRM solutions for Architects and Surveyors.

The system is ideal for growing practices with either one office or multiple partners working from multiple offices either across town or across the World. WiredContact will help you manage contacts, projects, influencers and partners with ease. With three decades of CRM experience we understand your requirements and quickly tailor the system to your exact requirements.

This 1 minute video (with audio) will explain why so many Companies of all sizes choose WiredContact

Teams need to collaborate

Collaboration on jobs, projects and relationships are all essential elements of a modern architectural consultancy as well as keeping all parties informed as key stages are reached.

Sometimes it's nice to share data on a need to know basis such as with Key accounts across different regions just so that everyone has an overview of important metrics such as terms of contract, payments and other key data which could include access to drawings.

They all need something different

Reception may want to register an inbound enquiry, a consultant wants to check the diary of activities and a Partner wants to start agreeing a contract. WiredContact allows you to define which team of staff have what experience based upon their level within the team or department they work for.

Each "office" may have different objectives and local compliance procedures they have to adhere to, not a problem, even language difference can be respected on a per user, office or regional basis.

Benefits of CRM for Architects

Have all of your jobs available from wherever your staff are located, lower cost than off the shelf solutions which
require you to adapt the way you work - supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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