Hosted CRM Solutions For FE Colleges


Turn your data into knowledge

WiredContact provide simple to use CRM system for Colleges and learner centric organisations made available in a browser. We provide an instant connection to your sales and marketing teams Call 020 8099 3032 for a demo.

Departmental and - or client specific work-flow is simple to implement whilst each can have their own layouts and permissions.

You no longer need to spend money on servers, hardware or support to be successful with Hosted CRM Systems. With typical deployments being active in days you are free to focus on increased learner and employer engagement and delivering a quality service.

Work anywhere at any time

Your business in your hands

No more reliance on spreadsheets, missing emails, and multiple databases. Everything you and your team need to be successful is displayed in one place and accessible from anywhere. Respond to enquiries, progress and share opportunities, log calls and automate procedures - on your tablet, at your desk, at home, Anywhere.

Departmental and / or client specific work flow is simple to implement whilst each team can have the data presented as they need it to best support their objectives.

WiredContact is able to integrate with most other database systems and many web applications.

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A few of our CRM Clients


At a glance you see everything you need for a Learner, Course, Employer, Projects etc. At each stage of the journey you know all parties are well informed, prepared and fully engaged.

We pull data together and turn it into really valuable knowledge, we are experienced in working with many existing systems such as EBS and know how to make the data available to your team at the right time and the right place including mobile devices when they are out of the office.

WiredContact will help you identify new business opportunities, stay engaged with previous enquiries and keep your branded messages in front of those you want to work with.

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A few of our CRM Clients

  Rental Option
WiredContact Host & Manage Your System - no capital outlay     
  £30 + Vat
Single User (Named) Per Month
£60 + Vat
Multi User (Concurrent) Per Month
Mobile Access Low cost CRM
Customer Portal Hosted CRM Prices
Website Integration Cloud CRM prices
Ability to edit administer and integrate Benefits of self hosting
SMS Messaging campaign manager email marketing
Postcode Integration +£10 +£10
Annual Updates Hosted CRM system prices Online Hosted CRM Prices
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