CRM for Legal firms

Improve Client care and improve fee opportunities

CRM for Legal firms can increase both Client satisfaction and retention values, whilst enabling a better understanding of your Clients many objectives. Fee opportunities are easier to identify when you actively manage clients.

When you improve case management you ensure a high level of service is maintained within each department. By collapsing time frames and being proactive your reputation for delivering excellent service will promote brand values.

Some fee earners or disciplines will require adaptation of procedures, this is easy to achieve. Clients and collaborators can be gently prompted as critical dates approach and pass so that you are seen to be taking the lead. Practice managers will be able to see at a glance which areas or the business require support or investment and your Clients will always be better informed.

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bespoke CRM systems

Case Management Dashboards

See at a glance every actionable date, deadline, anniversary, opportunity or fee that is overdue. We work with you to deliver the dashboards you need to save time and improve productivity. Your requirements are not overly complicated although they will be unique within certain departments.

Other systems on the market will charge amazing fees and yet will not give you the in house control that will ultimately lead to increased efficiencies and cost savings.

One place to collate your data

No matter how large your team or how many users, our system ensures there is only place a fee earner needs to look at.

In most cases we can "pull data" from other systems to ensure decisions are made quickly and accurately with access on a "need to know" basis across the team with client level and even discipline and field level permissions. Integration with existing solutions is done at a pace you are comfortable with to the degree you require.

Benefits of CRM for Legal professionals

Flexible CRM with features and benefits you dictate to ensure your objectives are properly met
Your journey will be supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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