CRM for small business marketing benefits everyone

Small business CRM systems need to be flexible

You may not have the luxury of an IT department and if something needs to be done you generally know what you want although a little help getting it completed really should not break the bank.

This 1 minute video will explain why so many Companies of all sizes choose WiredContact

As a small business every penny counts, and every minute sat working out how to use software is wasted. We are the first choice for many small business owners who cannot afford the risk with "off the shelf CRM systems". They recognise the time it will take to adapt either their business to work how the software works or to learn how to bend the software to work as their business works.

1. Marketing
WiredContact can drive your email marketing, capture leads from your website and automatically follow up when you don't have the time or staff to do so effectively.

2. Business Administration
Instantly have all details to hand no matter where you are or the device you are using, we make it simple to do business effectively.

3. Automation where practical
You decide how it works. - As a lead or enquiry comes in it's automatically acknowledged, passed to the correct team and then an action is assigned to a person or department. After a set amount of time stale enquiries could be automatically followed up and staff able to see at a glance which prospect or Client should be moving to the next stage. It all sounds very basic however it's the little things that are forgotten which cause a dissatisfied Client to seek another supplier. When you need replies to enquiries and they remain outstanding why not have them automatically followed up with polite emails and text messages. In the past reminding a Client of an appointment used to involve staff time, but a small business CRM system can send a friendly SMS message that could reduce the time wasted on missed appointments.

4. Location independence
Your team will increasingly need access to data from almost anywhere, with a small business CRM solution hosted by us you will be able to deliver exactly what they need for the task at hand. If they are in the "New business team" it may be you do not need to give them access to existing Clients, if they are in maintenance perhaps access to sales opportunities is not needed. If they work from home and put only 2 hours a day of effort in then you need to know.

5. Expansion and Flexibility
A bespoke CRM solution such as WiredContact is ideal for a small business CRM solution as it's developed with an open architecture that makes it easy to integrate with your other business solutions. Choose a bespoke CRM system that is designed to maximise flexibility without being complex to administer.

Our modular approach to bespoke CRM ensures your team quickly adapt and your productivity is seen to increase. We remove the clutter often found in hosted CRM systems leaving your team able to work from anywhere on almost any device.

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Business Analytics

    As you steer your CRM deployment you need to make informed alterations.

  • Why did it happen?
  • Will it happen again?
  • What if we change x?
  • What did we learn
  • A Bespoke CRM system learns and grows with you
Small Business CRM

    You only pay for what you want

  • Only upgrade when you need to
  • Easily avoid complexities
  • Developing in house reduces cost
  • Integrate systems to avoid duplication

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Benefits of a Small Business CRM system

Low costs - flexible CRM with benefits you dictate as your system develops safe in the knowledge
your journey is supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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