CRM pitfalls to avoid with a Cloud CRM system

Cost of CRM Licences

Make sure the price they say you pay is all you pay, with WiredContact the price of the Named and Concurrent Licences are a one off

Cost of Upgrades

Many Companies will charge you around two thirds of the first year price every year to pay for upgrades, if you don't have the latest version they will not support you - WiredContact support all previous versions and offer a notional amount to upgrade each year that is optional, see our Prices link above. WiredContact is a hosted solution this means you avoid paying for mileage and overnight stays for site visits, usually installations are completed within a few days of instruction.

Support Fees

Whilst Many Companies require compulsory support fees with WiredContact most issues are simple to resolve from the on-line help desk and interactive intelligent ticketing solution, simple 5 minute jobs are resolved for hosted Clients without fees and when we do charge it for the time used, many of our Hosted CRM Clients have not paid for support for years


Whilst many companies will insist you purchase their SDK (Software developers Kit) and pay to be taught how to use it, with WiredContact it's SQL and HTML both of which you can access without needing to pay for additional equipment of time.

Exit Planning

Avoid any solution that uses non-standard back-end database formats, consider your eventual cost of migration once you add on the Consultancy fees - WiredContact uses SQL and other standard back ends as required by our Clients.

Data Migration

WiredContact have experience depending upon which CRM solution you already have to import without loss of Notes & History, we have experience of Migrating all versions of ACT! Goldmine and Maximiser, we have also taken in data from many well-known hosted CRM solutions.

Mobile Access

WiredContact works with all Mobiles (we have yet to find a mobile device that can browse the internet that does not work with WiredContact CRM For MAC and IPhone Of Course, why not? Android users enjoy using WiredContact as well.

Having started in the industry in 1985 we know which CRM systems work, and what features give Customers tangible benefits, we know which CRM pitfalls to avoid and all you need to know about CRM - call us today and you will see we do not employ any sales people, you can speak with a Director.

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Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility makes WiredContact the choice of professionals.

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