Vehicle leasing sales

Sell and Service more Vehicles with multi-site software

You run a team of two people or two hundred branches ? WiredContact can help drive revenue.

  • Vehicle leasing sales solutions

    From initial enquiry, dealer vehicle order to the delivery to
    your new customer, WiredContact puts you in control

    Office and Mobile applications available - we are experts with data

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  • Vehicle Sales and leasing systems

    Sale teams and back office support could all use the same system
    Sales have visibility for what they need

    Phone calls, meetings and essential followups are no longer left to chance and can be automated.

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  • Vehicle leasing sales Marketing

    New enquiries, feed back from customers, activity levels across the team are all visible,

    Management pipeline reports, Client notifications automated to ensure everyone is informed.

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  • Selling Vehicles leasing sales systems

    Sales Dashboard, SMS messaging
    WiredContact integrates with most existing database systems.

    Implement work flow across the company and give everyone what they need to excell.

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Identify the needs of all departments

Most companies have a clear vision of how to engage with clients and process orders and want a system to support how they work. Simplicity rules WiredContact works your way from day one.

Create and implement a plan for change

Once the work flow and reporting is understood we design screens for each department. Existing data can usually be imported or integrated. Check the system works and plan some training.

  • See at a glance every detail of every deal

    You decide the fields you want to capture and the content of the drop downs and the layouts you need.

    Vehicle sales CRM management system
  • Every quotation becomes a reportable sales opportunity tracked by date, account manager, branch, make or model

    You set up the products and the rates you charge, in fact you get to control everything.

    Automatic reports on opens won and lost sales sorted by Client name or sales persons name
  • Comprehensive and flexible reports, even export every field if needed

    It's easy to see top performers with WiredContact.

    Track sales, as well as enquiries with a vehicle sales CRM system
  • Benefits of CRM for Vehicle Sales management

    Have a clear vision of all enquiries and the stage of deliveries, know which contracts are due for renewal
    and be able to keep your Clients and drivers better informed with invoices going out sooner
    Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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