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We love Ring Central

We used VOIP for 12 years before finding RingCentral, they leave others in the shade.

You may already be using some of their systems under another brand, even BT use these guys.

Works with WiredContact so you can dial from screen with calls being recorded if needed.

WiredContact integrates with most other database systems and many web applications.

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Be in good company

Website and phone integration

Complete collaboration with your entire team using call me buttons from the website.

Quick access to call logs, arrange online meetings with ease and use messaging features within your company.

Keeping your brand looking this good has never been so simple.

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A few of our CRM Clients

Whisper keeps you alert

Quickly deploy 0800 numbers and have a "Whisper" alert you what the call is about

Need to call from your mobile and present the office number to the recipient? That's easy with RingCentral.

After hours escalation, preferencial call handling for certain clients and a lot more handy features as standard.

A few of our CRM Clients

Simple to deploy

Just complete the form here, you will receive an automated email in a couple of minutes, the email can differ based on the nature of the enquiry and could have attachments with it.

The record is automatically entered into your database, the email you receive will be sent as a bcc to your staff so the record can be followed up.

WiredContact is able to integrate with most other database systems and many web applications.

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