Cloud CRM Software benefits everyone

Cloud CRM can also be Bespoke to your business needs at a very low cost.

Our first Cloud CRM solution was developed in 1996. Our experience means you get a reliable Cloud CRM supported by an experienced mature team.

This one minute video will explain why so many Companies of all sizes choose WiredContact for their CRM Software.

Cloud CRM is also known as Software as a Service or by the initials (SaaS) CRM, online CRM and Web based CRM.

It offers a great many advantages to the business owners as well as the technical advantages. The end result is a low cost of ownership CRM system with an experienced Cloud partner.

Because we manage many thousands of our Clients Cloud CRM systems on our servers, we are able to pass on some of the savings we achieve.

You pay a modest quarterly fee and preserve your capital for business use.

Our modular approach to Cloud CRM ensures your team quickly adapted and your productivity is seen to increase. We remove the clutter so often found in hosted CRM systems leaving your team able to work from anywhere on almost any device.

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Bespoke CRM since 1996

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Bespoke CRM costs less

Cloud CRM costs less

    You only pay for what you want

  • Only upgrade when you need to
  • Easily avoid complexities
  • Developing in house reduces cost
  • Integrate systems to avoid duplication

Summary for Cloud CRM benefits

Low costs - flexible CRM with benefits you dictate as your system develops safe in the knowledge
your journey is supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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