Crowd Funding makes sense

Shared costs

When a Group of people share the same problem and have the same vision it is possible to have a bespoke solution developed whilst sharing the cost of development across the group. This means a 5,000 project could be developed for as little as 50 per entity.

How to achieve support

You may wish to approach your professional associations or regulatory bodies to see if there is an appetite for your project.

If your sector are all making similar purchases of software with excessive fees then Crowd Funding would ensure everyone gets exactly what they want and more importantly they become part of the "User group" to ensure the system is kept up to date with changing conditions in your industry.

Multiple Versions needed

Alternative versions for different sections of your industry are simple to create once the basics are agreed, by pooling your objectives and the funding you only pay once for the development instead of all paying.

Often we find Companies using software that has either not been adapted to a specific sector or it has fallen behind and no longer meets the needs of modern businesses.

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