Over 100 branches, 7 regions, Mobile and Tablet usage with Head office systems integration

Main reason for the system

The Franchisor found themselves in charge of results not activity, as such they were unable to play an active role in driving the growth of any failing franchise. Central Campaigns to generate new business were impossible to manage, central reporting on pipeline was equally impossible.

Regional managers had no visibility of pipeline which left the Directors virtually blind having said this it's a £10+ million turnover group of companies. Dealing with insurance companies, loss assessors and claims adjusters there was a need to catch-up with the rest of the claims handling sector.

Identify the barriers to change

The Client had tried a few times to impose standards within the franchise network without significant take up, some used Goldmine, some used ACT! Generally there was a lack of IT skills within the Franchisee network and most delegated data entry to untrained staff viewing CRM as an administrative function.

Franchisor IT skills were good but a lack of budget meant corners were cut and suppliers were often asked to work for free or at a heavy discount as a result "project creep" was a daily issue. Being responsible for a project without commitment from the board and a limited budget was always going to be a challenge.

Create and implement a plan for change

All data was collated and tagged by the Franchise ID as this would be used to govern who was allowed access to the data later on.

The permissions module controls access at record level and then at field level can can alter depending on who is looking at the record relevant to the stage of the record within the business. Our security remains extremely robust and flexible.