Freeway - GXS solution - Thousands of orders a week made simple

Identify the key drivers for change

Our Client was receiving around 6,000 unique orders a week from Homebase, BandQ and other high street and online retailers for their bespoke products. Each item needed to be purpose built and despatched that week, each item could have as many as 100 parts all needing to be adapted to fit together. Orders started life at the retail POS and were being collected into the Freeway/GXS system.

At the client site they received multiple spreadsheets throughout the day from Freeway/GXS with updates as all linking back to the original barcode. The problem was lack of visibility over the stage of each order, inability to update the client and the couriers with ease and problems related to invoicing the wholesale Clients.

Managing multiple spreadsheets was no longer an option and controls were desperately needed.

Operational Considerations

Committed to the data feed from Freeway/GXS the Client needed to implement a solution for all departments and procedures that would handle all incoming orders, allow updates to alter the details of the order, enable the call centre to engage with customers awaiting delivery whilst keeping the factory aware of changes in real-time.

As orders were ready for shipping so multiple couriers needed visibility of orders awaiting collection. Issues to address such as data security, "need to know" access and a visible audit trail were of concern. SLA performance monitoring and reporting was essential and the Client wanted the system live in a short time scale.

Create and implement a plan for change

We worked initially at Director level to understand their operational needs, then with Freeway GXS to make small changes to the data feed before putting together a training programme for the data administrators who were relieved to move away from multiple spread sheets.

Once administrators were confident they could import, update and assign orders to the call centre, create job orders for the factory and make available orders ready for collection and despatch we trained the call centre staff.