Online Franchise CRM software

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Identify the key drivers for change

The Client had been using ACT! for almost 20 years, the annual upgrade and support costs were excessive so the cost of ownership was also becoming an issue. Having recently gone location independent they needed CRM systems that allows access from anywhere on a selection of devices. They needed a reliable low cost CRM system to ensure 30 staff could operate efficiently from anywhere.

Identify the barriers to change

No in-house IT skills, no servers, no single database with all customers in it and there were many islands of data in spreadsheets and private databases. They had no single templates for presenting their products and services.

Create and implement a plan for change

Taking the layouts used by the top female sales person and her methodologies we collated all company data and fact sheets and prepared a single central library of resources. All Outlook address booked were exported and then de duplicated into a WiredContact database, this reduced the number of unique contacts they thought they had from 130,000 to 50,000. Staff conveyed they used a mix of IPad, Iphone, Mac and PC to work from home and on the road.