Guest Engagement - A worthwhile investment in people

When running an event of any description why not let people register for it on your website? WiredContact will engage with the guests before, during and after the event to ensure they get the most from the engagement. Use the CRM system from anywhere to update critical dates and details so that automated emails and all correspondence is in one place.

We capture the data directly into the CRM system, send a confirmation email and then engage with them to ensure attendance.

After the event you are set to use the data however you choose to promote your objectives.

Guest Engagement Solutions from WiredContact

An automated response could be as simple or as complex as you need.

Initial enquiry - Wait a few minutes and reply with a response related to the nature of the enquiry
After calling the person to take specific details you now have dates the system can use to stay in touch.
X days before the date Have an automated email go to them which explains about features, functions or benefits
X days after the date Based on the outcome of the event have the correct thank you email go to them

Benefits of CRM for Guest Engagement professionals

Guests will believe you care about their needs, Guests will want to return and your events will be
memorable for the right reasons. Those who attend as Guests will want to return hosting an event
at your venue - Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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