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CRM for MAC - Works with all MAC devices and platforms

CRM for MAC users

Image of IPad and IPhone used with WiredContact

WiredContact is an extremely flexible CRM solution that ensures MAC users can easily collaborate with the team. Many boxed CRM solutions have failed to recognise the importance of a CRM for MAC users. Most Apple devices can now access WiredContact and enjoy browser based CRM solutions using Safari and other browsers. WiredContact also works using the IPhone and Android Phones.

CRM for IPhone
WiredContact Enterprise is database agnostic and works with most browsers; at no additional cost we provide a mobile version working with your main database that makes your data available to authorised devices you determine. Your users regardless of device or location will only be able to access the records and the fields within each record as agreed with your central administrator. For Mac users this means libraries of images and completed artwork can be shared with authorised team members within seconds.