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Bespoke Development

What is Bespoke development?

An enhancement that is specific to your requirements.

We charge for our time, to understand your requirements and to scope out the project.

How should I put together a brief

Not everyone is used to instructing the development of a software solution, to make this easy we have put together a guide which you may wish to review. You can see the Guide to writing a CRM brief here

A clear well written initial brief will save you a lot of time and therefore cost, it will also enable us to achieve your objective in far less time that would have been the case without a well written software brief.

What are my responsibilities

  • To give us a clear instruction and to convey how you see the enhancement working
  • To speak with third party suppliers to ensure they know you want us to work with them
  • To remain responsive and to be available during development stages to save time


Bespoke CRM systems cost less because they do exactly what you require of them.

Support and Training


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  • support at wiredcontact.com
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  • Direct: 215.641.8585

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