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Features of WiredContact

Few features are listed here for good reason - existing Clients who started with us in 1997 will know how we work - it's good to talk

Using Triggers 2m 28 Secs

Triggers can take over routine or critical tasks and perform to a consistently high standard without further user intervention. There are no limits to the number of Triggers within a database. Triggers can be internal facing or external facing. Triggers can be used to support workflow and various degrees of automation.

Date Break out 25 Sec

Breaking out a date allows you to take advantage of the data in a variety of ways. Examples of use could include using plain English within letters, emails and texts. Using Queries to identify renewals, anniversaries and other notable events.

Automated Reports 3m 26sec

Once you have a report that has been created using the report wizard; the report is able to be automated and sent to a distribution list at preset times.

Automated Emails

Emails can be sent automatically to record managers, or contacts in your WiredContact CRM system when "conditions are true". Below we list only a few possibilities, the system is extremely flexible and used in a wide range of industries.

  • A critical date is X days from now
  • A selection of criteria are true such as the lead came from your website into WiredContact and the subject was interested in service 1 and the contact is not on hold. First action is to send a thank you email immediately with a copy going to your team, next action is to wait X days and then if the record has not progressed to follow up and again cc your team.
  • You are organising a show and the exhibitors need to complete paperworks and submit plans before a set date, until the items are marked as having been returned the system can send polite chasers by email or SMS message. Try this example for an event organiser


WiredContact should not be confused with "Off the shelf" CRM systems. As few as 1 in 100 of the unique features are listed here, many are created expecially for specific Clients so unless you ask it is not going to be listed.

Flexibility is the underlying factor in every aspect of the WiredContact Enterprise architecture. The front- and back-end design gives you utmost flexibility so your CRM solution matches the way your team needs to work.

Integration Your Company may have multiple database systems not talking with each other and processes that require data to be entered multiple times. WiredContact can integrate with most systems and provide a reliable browser interface encompassing legacy applications and streamlining critical business processes to ensure lower staff costs, faster processing and simplified access control.

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