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What are Profiles?

A Profile is the way you set out the elements of your layout to best support the functions of a team member so they can work efficiently.

When starting out consider the needs of each team or department and the way they engage with the Contact record in the context of delivering your goods and services to a consistent standard.

The Primary Contact layout

The layout can alter as the "Contact" reaches a new stage in the relationship for example goes from being a regular "Prospect" to being a Client in the early stages and then perhaps being a repeat Customer.

Other options include revealing additional fields based on the changes which happen to a contact record such as buying additional services.

Procedural Considerations

Every installation of WiredContact is unique - it may be your systems and procedures are extremely simple or the needs of your users alter as the Contact goes through your teams and departments during your service delivery. It may help to define your process and consider who needs to see what information about the contact and which stage of each cycle

Sales Need only basic detail imported from external sources to start the engagement process

Administrators Detailed information to assist in Service Delivery

Service Delivery Fine detail about the Service Expected and the people they will engage with

Accounts Need to know when an invoice can be raised or when a billing opportunity has been missed

Management Accurate Reporting at all stages, reports can be triggered by an event changing such as an appointment being registered or based on intelligent "matching" of conditions, your data is no longer restrained and becomes a source of pro-active intelligence.

Partners External partners can collaborate with ease using a variety of tools such as a very limited login or the use of a "Partner Portal", your system can have as many entry points as needed, each one branded and unique for the purpose.

  • External systems can collaborate using a variety of highly secure methods compliant with Regional legislative requirements
  • Internal data systems can be incorporated using a variety of methods and technologies to pull together islands of data.

We have yet to see a business model where the layout requirements could not be adapted to support requirements.


WiredContact ensures every user has the correct detail available to them at the right time and presented in the correct manner

Permissions are assigned to a user regardless of the type of Licence that is assigned to them, a User may be restricted to certain types of records, perhaps only if they are the record manager. Permissions can change depending on the stage or state of the record they are viewing. Permissions extend to Field level, record level and table level with additional levels of permissions being applied to users. With WiredContact a security models that may take months with other applications to deploy can be put together and tested within hours.

We have yet to see a business model where the operational permissions could not be adapted to support requirements.


Dynamic As a condition becomes "True" so the layouts can alter to ensure vital stages in your procedures are not missed, there is no point entering the Make and Model if a Purchase has not taken place but you would want to capture that a buying decision was imminent or there was interest in a product or service.

Collaboration Often one department may be servicing a Client who could equally buy from or be of interest to another department, WiredContact lets you share and collaborate on a "Need to know" basis using powerful built in permissions.


Flexibility is another strength of the WiredContact system, with two types of License available they can be used across groups of Companies, Teams within Companies and across dealer networks and Franchises with equal efficiency

Named Each user is guaranteed a login to the WiredContact site whenever they need it.

Concurrent Users share licenses, however, logins are restricted to the number of concurrent licenses you get; ideal for casual users or large sales teams who work in different time zones.


One system can support multiple departments and functions thereby lowering costs and driving efficiency, user experiences can exactly match the needs of their job description and costs can be controlled by using the correct licences

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