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Summary Allow 15 minutes

The Video's below will help you login, create new contacts, lookup those contacts and understand the use of the tool bars.

Everything you are about to see can be adapted to how you need it - we recommend learning the basics before making changes.

A Video Tutorial may not be the best substitute for bespoke training.

Tool bars 1m 58 seconds

Every tool bar and Icon is dependant upon the layout - this means your usage may differ from what you see in the videos on this tutorial.

Side Tool Bar Overview

Simple to use quick and reliable with advanced features when needed, the side toolbar gives quick access to

  • Lookup and search for Contacts by any combination of fields
  • Task List Sortable by Record Manager, Contact Type, activity type, priority or other setting you determine
  • Calendar Day - Week - Month to a view able to show any detail for any contact
  • New Contact Can offer pre-set screens to ensure data is entered in a compliant manner if needed
  • Groups Lets you "group" contacts together by any means you desire. There are alternative ways to group records based on associations and memberships or specific interests so you can see at a glance who is working on a project or supporting a process you are involved in.
  • Reports A Comprehensive range of reports presented as Static and Dynamic
  • Libraries Two places to keep those documents you need to share and those you need to retain more control over
  • Query Simple and complex queries that you save, share and reuse within the team to ensure every contact is available when needed.
  • Logoff Log out of the system
  • Admin Access to edit and control the look and feel of your system without server access
  • Instant Messenger Lets you chat with your team from within the system
  • Alarms Just like Outlook you receive notifications of pending activities without looking at your task list.

Lookup 3m 21 seconds

The Lookup is extremely flexible and able to be customised as needed

Task list

Simple to use at a glance view of who is responsible for which actions - Displays the Task List view where you can see activities that have been scheduled for any contact in one easy to find location sortable by record manager, date range, priority or whatever you need. Items get into the task list from a contact record so they are assigned to a record manager.

Task list panel Click here to see a larger image

Once you have selected the type of tasks and/or the date range you want to see, click the View Task List. The screen will change to show a list of activity information including the date, time, activity type, priority, Contact name, Company name, Activity Regarding, Clear, and Reschedule links.

Task list panel


Simple to use at a glance view of who is responsible for which actions - list of activities can be emailed to those responsible and to line managers and can integrate with outlook

Top Tool Bar

Easily navigate the Hosted CRM system from here and create new entries - ask about the free enhancements that captures contact details from your website directly into WiredContact.

The Top Toolbar has many useful icons such as shown below and described from left to right
Lookup tools bar

  • My Contacts = Those contacts where you are the "Record Manager"
  • Recent contacts you have edited
  • My Record - this needs to be completed and is all about your details
  • Create a new record
  • Create a new note FOR THE LOOKUP YOU ARE ON
  • Create a phone call task FOR THE LOOKUP YOU ARE ON
  • Create a Meeting event FOR THE LOOKUP YOU ARE ON
  • Create a task to carry out an action FOR THE LOOKUP YOU ARE ON
  • Refresh the lookup
  • Group Lookup
  • History Lookup
  • Sales Lookup
  • Activity lookup
  • Alter the columns of data being shown
  • Link to Sage Accounts
  • Print the current LOOKUP YOU ARE ON
  • Edit replace is not given to everyone until trained how to use it
  • Delete the current lookup is not given to everyone until trained how to use it
  • Previous four lookups


Instantly view groups of records - email your newsletters in seconds, there are often easier ways than "Groups" so be sure to let us know your objective so we can ensure you are doing this the easiest way.


Comprehensive reporting on screen with Excel and CSV options as well as detailed automated reports to your staff and those external bodies you may need to automatically keep updated.


WiredContact comes with static reports and flexible Wizards shown here with the want to the left of the static reports. These reports allow you to ask complex data related queries and output the results in a variety of ways including to XLS and CSV and automatically on a periodic basis to partners and staff.


Never again, have to think through complex criteria to get at your data, WiredContact makes is simple for you to save and re-use those queries and to share them with your team


More details about each field, we can also add additional fields if you feel they are needed.


Emailing from WiredContact

WiredContact comes with it's own email facility which enables users to send plain text, HTML emails to single contacts or a lookup of contacts.

Creating an email

Select the contact or lookup you want to send an email to, you can send a single email instantly by clicking on the label which says email next to the contacts email address.

If you want to use a pre-prepared email template then navigate to the "Email tab" at the lower part of the screen on a desktop or middle of the screen on a tablet. Now select the template. Templates can be created with attachments pre-loaded.

Complete the CC: and BCC: fields if necessary. You can easily find other contact’s in the database by clicking on the binoculars to the right of the To, CC, and BCC fields.

The binoculars perform a search; then you click on the appropriate contact. The contact’s email address will automatically populate. Task list panel

Adding an email attachment

Attachments can come from your library (recommended) or from you local machine (may be slower) and email templates can be prepared with attachments already attached which is ideal if you regularly send the same attachment to customers.

The image below shows you can delay when emails are sent out as well as select items from a multitude of libraries.

Email attachments panel

Email Broadcast

You can send emails to large numbers of contact subject to normal and reasonable rules about spamming. To improve delivery we can send your emails through your SMTP email account.

WiredContact comes with an un-subscribe routine which can automatically come into play when sending to more than one recipient. This feature is enables as needed per user, it is not on by default. The logo shown below to the left of "Send Email to" is where you click to send to a lookup or a group of contacts.

Email Broadcast


The toolbars are provided based upon the function of the screen being viewed; you can have as many screens as you need with whichever icons and functions you need, if you have seen a function in another application the chances are we already have it but chose not to clutter everyone's desktop with items they may never need. Using WiredContact is a partnership style arrangement, we are here to support your business so send any requests to support@wiredcontact.co.uk

WiredContact make is simple to manage the essential tasks each person in your team need to achieve with layouts that support the objectives. WiredContact has a wealth of additional features that are not listed here so it would be worth speaking with your supplier if you cannot see what you are looking for.

Support and Training


  • support at wiredcontact.co.uk
  • Tel 020 8099 3032


  • support at wiredcontact.com
  • Toll Free: 888.433.2891
  • Direct: 215.641.8585

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