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Where is the knowledge base ?

The Help desk and knowledge base is here

There are a few ways to get the most from support.

  • 1. Register on the help-desk as this will give you an audit trail of every question you have asked and the answer that was provided. You will see the registration button below the login of your WiredContact login.
  • 2. Send your support questions to support@wiredcontact.co.uk the system will read your email and send back a suggestion, if it's the correct answer you can close the ticket, if it's not the correct answer then just reply and our team will respond directly.
  • 3. Search for subjects and browse the articles.
  • 4. We are constantly looking at the search queries and the results that were presented in order to improve our support and we welcome your feedback.


If you cannot find what you need please call us, your satisfaction is important to us.

Support and Training


  • support at wiredcontact.co.uk
  • Tel 020 8099 3032


  • support at wiredcontact.com
  • Toll Free: 888.433.2891
  • Direct: 215.641.8585

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