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Getting the Basics right

The "My Record"

Everyone who is able to log into the system and those who cannot log in but you schedule activities for all require a correctly completed "My record". When you first login you will land on your "My Record"

  • Complete each field on your own My Record. The email address will be the replyto address for emails you send.
  • Complete your various formal and informal signatures by going to the My Record where you will see a mauve padlock on the top tool bar. Within here you will see various settings as shown below.
  • Setting up additional reply to addresses can also be done from here. This feature enables you to send emails on behalf of others. Agree a routine between you so that Formal and informal, fax and SMS signatures are all in the same position. The reason is that email templates will pull in a pre-determined email signature regardless of who is using the template.
  • You can alter your password here although the system administrator has another place to make the change as well
  • Other features may or may not be visible such as being able to edit drop downs or import data. These permissions are granted on a per user basis by your administrator.
User settings panel

Headed Stationary

You will need a .jpg or .png image no larger than 30kb to be placed into the Library in a folder called images. The same logo can be used for letters and emails.

There are some considerations which are covered below.

HTML Email Stationary

Headed emails are a lot easier. Once you have the logo in the images folder let us know by emailing support@wiredcontact.co.uk and we will set up the stationary.

HTML letter Stationary

Any image you print from the internet is going to have only 75dpi so using headed paper in your printer or a black logo (so it is solid) may give a better end result.

To avoid the cost of constantly upgrading your version of MS Office and then paying for support we provide our own tools for generating letters.


Emails can have attachments assigned to them by default such as having a template with application forms attached. You can attach documents and images at the point of sending an email - bear in mind that just as with sending an email from outlook the larger the attachment the slower it is going to be to upload from your machine to WiredContact. Using the library for attachments is recommended.

Template Options

Any Email template can have preset options

  • CC or BCC Other email addresses
  • Preset Signatures - Handy if entire company have
    • Signature 1 = Formal
    • Signature 2 = Informal
    • Signature 3 = Corporate
  • Attached documents from your Library
  • Request receipt
  • Priority = High Medium or Low
  • Delayed send

Data Entry Standards

WiredContact makes it simple to collate vast amounts of data in moments; if however you have no control over the data going in then retrieving relevant data later on can be a challenge. Fortunately once you recognise the situation there are many tools within WiredContact to help you regain control

Avoid random data entry where possible

  • Use drop downs within fields where possible
  • Drop downs can be conditional on a previous field selection
    • Select Make = Ford and a list of Ford Vehicles appears in the Type field
    • Fields can perform math functions
    • Fields can trigger events such as emails to be sent if a date is due or past
  • Fields can have Multi Select or tick box options
    • Cities
    • Counties
    • Suppliers
    • Products and Services
    • Record Type such as Prospect / Supplier / Partner
    • Agree the naming conventions for Companies i.e. Ltd L.t.d. or Limited.

Whilst you or your Company may have a business relationship with another Company it is always going to be the strength of personal relationships that make the bigger picture work.

You get to customise the type of actions you want to track, create and record; you are able to adapt the system to work exactly as you need it for each department, team or process.

Pitfalls to avoid
Creating thousands of entries to call people back - don't do it you are wasting your time,
Updating hundreds of calls meetings or tasks with the same notes - don't do it you are wasting your time

  • Drop downs can be conditional on a previous field selection and you can alter the choices, we start you off with Calls, Meetings, and To do's but you can have Renewals with a sub heading of Annual, Bi-Annual or Maintenance with the generic terms for what is being maintained.
  • Regarding is written to the History when the item is cleared so be creative here and you will receive meaningful reports.
  • Scheduled For Could be someone who does not login, perhaps a maintenance worker or other associate for who you need to assign tasks. Automated tasks can be assigned to a person who does not login and they can be emailed to them. Scheduled for can be a selection of people if needed.
  • Reminders Can be sent immediately you book the activity, on the morning it needs to be completed and at other intervals you determine.
  • Completed Is written to the History and is reported against so clear the activity and schedule a new one then your statistics look better and you develop better habits more likely to give a return on investment.
  • Emailing and Activity to a remote person When sending the email you can automatically append data from the contact record to the ICS file pulling any field from the contact table and other fields if needed. This means the person you create the activity for knows what to expect on arrival.

Editing Drop downs 1m 17sec

The more consistency in your database the easier it will be to manage as it grows and the lower the costs associated with ownership and training.


  • Individuals. Until each member of your team have the basics set-up correctly, feel confident in the new system they will not be able to properly support the Team.
  • Teams.Each Team may have separate objectives which need to be accommodated within the system.
  • The Group.Once the basics are in place the system can be worked on; one size does not fit all - WiredContact enables you to keep every user and department satisfied - the result is increased productivity.

Support and Training


  • support at wiredcontact.co.uk
  • Tel 020 8099 3032


  • support at wiredcontact.com
  • Toll Free: 888.433.2891
  • Direct: 215.641.8585

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