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Local Property Portals

A Local Property platform enables more owners to bring more properties to the market sooner at a lower cost.

Barriers to listing a property are significantly reduced when it's made easier for the vendor.

  • Owners can self list and make a sale - many would say it's a great deal
  • Owners may not like speaking with potential buyers so they select a local agent
  • Local agent received new properties at a low cost
  • Buyers and sellers benefit from lower costs
  • Online conveyancing saves everyone money
  • Fully integrated with social media
  • Professional simple to use
  • All Conveyancing is online

We bring the properties on board to grow the market, all you need do is focus on selling.

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Vendors and Buyers are ready for a change

Ebay started in 1995, people are used to describing things they want to sell, taking reasonable pictures and uploading them to a platform.

The property that sold the same day it was listed was perhaps too cheap and the vendor could perhaps have made more from the sale. THIS WILL CHANGE as consumers leverage technology become more aware.

Consumers are looking for innovative ways to sell where they stay in charge of costs. The reality is property professionals will always have a role to play.

If the home does not sell as quick as the vendor wants they now select your agency from the list of registered property professionals You check over the listing, add your special touches, improve the imagery, call some of your registered buyers and earn a fee.

Be in good company

Our services are optimised for local traffic

When agents collaborate they make more noise locally at a lower cost. By not working together they are at the mercy of national property portals who constantly raise their fees.

We are not sugesting you ignore the National Portals but take advantage of your local contacts, local knowledge to develop a local property portal.

A local property portal with hundreds of local property listings will receive a higer percentage of local traffic from qualified buyers. Local mentions on social media will again drive local buyers to the local property portal.

If anyone thinks the national portals want to lower your costs then think again.

Using Social media to leveral local interest in property makes sense.

A few of our CRM Clients

Your listings come to us as well

Your agency will be pleased to send the same file to us they currently send to the major portals.

It will take them a second, if they refuse we know others who charge less and want your business.

We automatically import and update your stock to ensure you receive local enquiries before you spend on national portals. We setup the domains, hosting and infrastructure. All you have to do is provide us a list of agents who may also want to collaborate. We contact them to help you set up your local property portal.

Keeping your brand looking this good has never been so simple.

Common Questions

  • Do I need another website - NO
  • Do have to update another portal - NO
  • Are properties loaded automatically - YES
  • Is it already in use in the UK - YES
  • To start a portal must I be an agent - NO
  • How Many Portals to a town - 1
  • Are enquiries shared with other agents - NO
  • Do I gain an advantage over local agents if I start the local property portal - NO
  • How long does it take to go live - a week
  • Will I need training - NO
  • Can the Portal sell additional services using PayPal - Yes
  • Can I setup more than one portal - Yes
  • To run a town property Portal must I be an Estate Agent - No

We charge a modest setup fee for each site as there are hundreds of hours needed to create the structure.

By developing interest in a local Property platform you reduce your reliance on National Platforms.

  Your Branded Property Portal
We Host & Manage Your Local Property Portal
  £30 + Vat per month
Per Branch office upto 50 properties
£60 + Vat per month
Per Branch office upto 100 properties
Responsive website Low cost Property portal
Receive enquiries directly Hosted Prperty portal Prices
Your logo everywhere Cloud Property portals
Works with Righmove BLM v3 Righmove BLM v3 property portals
Automatic updates Online low cost local property portals
Integrated with your social media Low cost regional and national property portals
Free participation in local marketing Hosted CRM system prices Online Hosted CRM Prices

Examples are online now

Just complete the form here, and we will be in touch to show you some attractive local property portals where local agents now collaborate to expand their pool of properties.

You already have the instruction so why not let as many people see it as possible.

WiredContact also provide simple to use reliable hosted CRM solutions for Estate Agents and property professionals.

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