Self Hosted CRM Software also known as on site CRM

Self hosted CRM is for mature users of "off the shelf" CRM systems.

CRM has become a standard in house solution seen by most as mission critical to the success of any business.

The benefit of a self hosted CRM solution may initially be that you can manage the entire installation process, work-flow, departmental and user experience. The same is true if it is cloud hosted, you can also integrate the self hosted CRM system with your own internal databases regardless of location providing access can be achieved through your firewalls. Assuming you already have the in house skills and resources to manage a self hosted CRM software solution without the need for external assistance, this is sometimes called On-Premise self Hosted CRM then you may be able to take advantage of perhaps the lowest costs of ownership for any UK self hosted CRM solution.

Some Companies seeking the self hosted CRM option on their own servers also elect to move their own servers to our hosting facilities to ensure faster delivery times. You still have the benefits of a self hosted CRM system but you now have server access.

WiredContact as a self hosted CRM system is quick and simple to set-up and runs on standard Windows Servers. We can help with the installation and support or integration with your existing systems as needed.

Of Course we have experience of converting most existing databases to WiredContact without loss of data, popular migrations include all version of ACT! - Goldmine - MS Access - SalesLogix and a wide variety of other systems.

The speed of the processor on your web server and database server are key factors in determining the performance of any On-Premise self Hosted CRM solution. The specifications of your servers depend upon the size of your database, number of users and other applications installed on the machine. Multiple web servers can be running WiredContact to access one centralised database.

Database Types The majority of our customers utilize Microsoft SQL Server Express for their database engine. WiredContact supports all Microsoft relational database types, including:

Features and Benefits

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Benefits of Self hosted CRM

Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility to adapt as needed
Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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