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We started in the days of DOS

The fascination with data generally started back in 1985 with an early CPM machine when a floppy disk was 10 inches wide and could hold a massive 256kb of data and a wrist band was needed to isolate yourself before you touched the keyboard.

Starting out in sales without the tools to manage multiple Customer relations it became evident we needed some tools to manage the data that was increasing taking over our lives. Enter Advanced Contact Tracking later known as ACT!

After years of getting technical support directly (eternally grateful) from Pat Sullivan and his team, Paul King who was addicted to this amazing piece of software started the UK ACT! user group, a few years later he trained Symantec how to use their new CRM software. Paul later served as the International representative on the ACT! Advisory board who helped direct the development and feature set of the software.

In 1996 as a team we recognised the need to avoid islands of data and started to deliver to users the first Cloud based CRM system. At the time we were just using a browser for delivery because it was logical to us that software had to evolve. Thus began WiredContact. A few years later the phrase Cloud based CRM was coined by some marketing person and the rest of the World jumped on the bandwagon.

We understand that mature Clients want customisable CRM or at the least a hosted CRM system they can control and integrate with existing data solutions such as accounts, stock control, ERP and work-flow and of course their website.

In cases where Clients may not have the in-house expertise we offer CRM Consultancy to ensure your CRM system develops in line with expectation and anticipated budget.

In the UK our two primary Directors are Sergio Craig-Ward who oversees all support matters and infrastructure related issues. Often to be found directly involved with complex cases that involve migrations from other bespoke CRM systems or dealing with key Client accounts. Whilst Paul King is happy to step in with technical matters he is more often involved with marketing and new client engagement as well as support.

The principle architect Ed Dempsey, who retains a steady hand at the helm as President remains directly responsible for design and is the chief architect of WiredContact. After extensive experience with other industrial strength Cloud based CRM systems it was his vision to create probably the most flexible database agnostic customisable CRM system ever.

Ed is supported in the US office by Wendy Rudofker, as Vice president and co-founder of WiredContact Worldwide. Wendy leads the global sales and marketing efforts. With her hands-on approach, Wendy helps companies exploit WiredContact to automate their sales and administrative functions to work more productively.

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  • Regular features
  • Essential Functionality
  • We help you define your requirements
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  • Your Company is more productive
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