Sales Automation Solutions - with control.

WiredContact is a complete CRM solution with a high level of Sales Automation Solutions built in.

This 1 minute video will explain why so many Companies of all sizes choose WiredContact

Regardless of industry there will be procedures that could be automated to ensure happier Clients, better informed staff and higher levels of repeat business.

Ideal items to automate could include:-

  • Replies and information is outstanding from your Client.
  • You have not been in touch for more than X days and want to send a reminder
  • A renewal date is approaching in 30, 60 or 90 days, dont lose that business
  • A Birthday or anniversary is approaching & you want to send your regards
  • Pre-Course Management - in the run up to the day you want to send reminders
  • After the Course - you want to offer additional follow up coaching
  • Event Planning - used in conjunction with a self service portal

Far more intricate options are available depending on the structure of your business and your objectives.

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