Business administration Software

Collating business data

Pulling together data from multiple systems to give you a snap shot of marketing, orders, deliveries and service issues. WiredContact collates data from a variety of systems to give your staff a single place to look for the answers to questions each person or department encounters.

Sales and Marketing

Staying in touch with customers, prospects and suppliers and keeping your message in front of potential buyers is important. These early engagements are vital but need not clutter up the system for those dealing with existing Clients. Effective segmentation ensures appropriate visibility. WiredContact comes with a suite of simple to use and tools as well as business administration software to ensure high standards of engagement are maintained.

Order delivery and fulfilment

New Client expectations are well managed with clearly defined work-flow and timely reminders to staff and to clients that ensure everyone knows what is expected and by when. WiredContact comes with the facility for Clients to engage out of hours using a highly customisable self service portal. You control the look and feel to ensure a branded delivery of your service.

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