CRM For Call Centres - Multi Client and Multi Operative

Identify the key drivers for change

Our Client ran multiple campaigns for multiple blue chip companies and needed to move past the daily routine of shared spreadsheets, Google docs, and creaking MS Access databases. Their clients wanted access to data in real-time as it was cleansed, qualified and added to.

Motivation for change

The cost of compulsory support from well known brand was excessive, annual upgrades gave little benefit but support was not available if updates were not taken.

Upsell and resale opportunities were being missed, there was a need to show agents there was a reason to stay engaged with satisfied clients.

End result was agents delivered more deals to head office, who ended up paying more commission to agents. Everyone was happy.

Create and implement a plan for change

With field agents submitting jobs it was essential to test the process before deployment. A survey of existing users identified aspects which would be retained and areas for improvement for the new CRM system.

Reports were setup to automatically go to the Agents on a daily and weekly basis to update them on delivery dates and outstanding issues. Call Centre staff were tasked on engageing with Agents and Clients of agents where needed.

All Clients data was tagged as belonging to each agent. Head office ran automated upgrade campaigns to Clients with a call to action to engage with the instructing agent.