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Overview of Contact Management

Contact Management software allows everyone in the company to understand the value of the relationship at a glance with everyone.

Customers and suppliers are best handled in a consistent manner. A well planned Contact Management system will let you profile each person as either a supplier, customer, partner and to have as many fields with a bespoke layout per entity.

Contact management is also about making it simple for people to engage with you mindful of the fact people can generally get everything they need very quickly these days.

  • Allow people to request more details from your website
  • Let them engage with you out of hours
  • Lets them make payments and update details
  • Automatically update them when goods are shipped
  • Remind them in advance of key dates
  • You get the idea, a good Contact management software system will empower your company and engage your clients.

Thinking about your existing systems, they may have been great 5 years ago but are they up to the task today?

Easy any time customer engagement

Website Integration

We give you the tools to capture details directly into your CRM system. Confirmation emails are automatically sent.

Run as many procedures, departments and services as you want using just one simple to use system.

No more reliance on spreadsheets, missing emails, and multiple databases. Everything you and your team need for a successful relationship is displayed in one place and accessible from anywhere. Respond to enquiries, progress and share opportunities, log calls and automate procedures - from your tablet, at your desk, at home, from almost anywhere.

Flexible work flows will ensure every vital step is completed as per your expectation.

WiredContact is able to integrate with most other database systems and many web applications.

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Just a few of our CRM Clients

Simplicity and Automation if needed

On-line registrations, product enquiries, and just in time delivery are all easy to achieve.

Sharing details with contractors, partners, staff and other interested parties can be achieved quickly.

Reports can be automatically emailed to staff / Partners and other at frequencies you determine.

Keeping your brand looking this good has never been so simple.

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A few of our CRM Clients

Every Customer of our is unique, they all require something different. With set-up fees from only £500 then prices as shown below with minimum of £60 per month on a one year agreement.

  Rental Option
WiredContact Host & Manage Your System - no capital outlay     
  £30 + Vat
Single User (Named) Per Month
£60 + Vat
Multi User (Concurrent) Per Month
Mobile Access Low cost CRM
Customer Portal Hosted CRM Prices
Website Integration Cloud CRM prices
Ability to edit administer and integrate Benefits of self hosting
SMS Messaging campaign manager email marketing
Postcode Integration +£10 +£10
Annual Updates Hosted CRM system prices Online Hosted CRM Prices
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Simple to deploy

Just complete the form here, you will receive an automated email in a couple of minutes, the email can differ based on the nature of the enquiry and could have attachments with it.

The record is automatically entered into your database, the email you receive will be sent as a bcc to your staff so the record can be followed up.

WiredContact is able to integrate with most other database systems and many web applications.

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