CRM deployment guide - Fast Start - Then review every 90 days

We had Clients using WiredContact for years whilst they strategise and planed a migration to something else, yes we were an interim solution.

Just like the website that's not quite ready to launch so your CRM system can also evolve. The trick is to keep monitoring the benefits you receive and improve your procedures. Training is vital, additional revenue from your "interim CRM" can help pay for that.

  • Elements of a Fast start - The basics
    • Who purchased from you in the past? This data is in your accounts package.
    • Who made enquiries from you in the past and did not purchase? This data is in your Outlook address books. It is only important to get the data into the system as it will influence your thought process once your team see the potential.

  • How we make it work for you
    • WiredContact provide a basic system online and import the data you provide, We will deduplicate based on the email address so you will not have duplicates. Tell us the name of the person or department the record should be assigned to. We will ensure all data is available, it can be moved later on.

    • We provide an online training resource so your team can start moving at a pace you determine.

  • You just created the hub - your journey has started.

  • All Clients come to us because off the shelf CRM systems were not working exactly as they needed them to function.

    If you do not have a 90 day plan then let us help you overcome the barriers. We are happy to provide the means by which you can give new direction to your Bespoke CRM solution.