Local Government CRM systems - Economic development

Economic regenerations is a process best managed centrally

We deployed one of the first systems to assist with attracting inward investment into a County.

The project is still running today with the same Chief executive officer for almost 20 years.

The project involves moving large Companies into the County in a sustainable way with due consideration for housing and educational needs as well as transport and other infrastructure details.

Responsible for many £100m's of successful projects this was ground breaking and unheard of when it started - today every County considers it an essential part of growing the local economy.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements in confidence and where appropriate references would be available.

Local Government CRM systems

  • After 30 years we still answer to you - not shareholders
  • We use the same branded SQL, HTML, and other skills to adapt your installation as defined by your operational needs, time frames are often hourly.
  • Year 1 costs could be £5000
  • Year 2 costs could be £2000
  • Year 3 costs could be £1000
  • No obligatory Annual upgrade
  • New user licence costs under £120

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bespoke CRM systems
  • Must always answer to shareholders 1st
  • Your solution is developed for the masses with limited local experience and deployed by "Partners" who cannot develop
  • Year 1 costs could be £25,000
  • Year 2 costs could be £12,000
  • Year 3 costs could be £12,000
  • Obligatory Annual upgrade
  • New user licence costs around £2,000
  • 30 years real world experience
  • We are easy to work with
  • We give you control
  • You can integrate with other systems as needed
  • We are there when needed as support partners
  • We don't lock you out of anywhere using an API

Summary of Hosted CRM for local government benefits

Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility makes WiredContact the choice of professionals.

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