Advertising Sales software

Identify the key drivers for change

Account sales executives leave, sometimes leads are not always followed up, remaining space and special offers change rapidly and margins need to be protected. Knowing which prospective advertisers have clicked on your email or looked at your offers page often often helps to close the deal sooner.

Identify the barriers to change

Protectionism. All leads belong to the business. The CRM systems helps Sales people make more commission although failure to follow the sales process, fear of change and many other reasons can prevent a deal closing. With a Sales CRM system you avoid these issues.

Create and implement a plan for change

With sales people it's all about what's in it for them, if we address this early on the project is often better supported. In no particular order money, an easy life, money, faster sales, money, and hitting targets. The system needs to be very simple to use, quick and responsive enough to let them work 24 x 7. KISS - "Keep it simple" screen designs benefit from a minimalistic approach.

Setup the database

When setting up a new contact the record is profiled to show what they are being targeted for. Previous purchase history is made available by file association based on email address or domain name if unique. Quotations sent become sales opportunities, when released to accounts invoices can be created quickly. Open Won Recurring and Closed scenarios, submission to accounts and other situations can all be deployed. CC and BCC can be in use with all sales people in early stages of training and where deemed essential.

Set up the permissions

Sales people are able to see and edit their own records, able to see but not edit the records of others whilst up-line managers can see and edit everything except the history which can be edited by Directors. To enforce work-flow, sales people could only see live cases and those up for renewal where they were commission could be due.


Typically after converting from Goldmine the system was in use for real in only two days. CRM is best supported when hosted in the WiredContact data centre.