Customer Relationship Services explained

Customer Relationship "Services" is not the same as "Management"

Customer Relationship Services is about delivering service levels to a consistent and monitored standard that can be reported upon and improved as needed.

Our approach starts with what you currently do well, and of course involves us understanding where the pinch points are that caused to you reach out. Working with your most experienced staff we define the customers journey and ensure the Customer Relationship service modules are all functioning as required for each user of the system.

If you have written brief it will form the basis of our proposal. Don't have a brief already? then this handy guide will be of value. Our guide to writing a CRM brief is here

Approaching the project in stages which reflect your products and services and the life cycle stage of the client will often result in lower costs and a shorter time to the project being signed off.

User adoption is going to be vital, to ensure high levels of take up it is best to involve your team at intervals to ensure they feel involved, very often fresh eyes part way through can add considerable value to the end result.

We have harvest data from various data sources to avoid save time, an example can include showing the status of previous issues, related services and a lot more. A dashboard is not always essential but key metrics displayed for all to see are often seen as essential in a Customer relationship service environment.

Customer Relationship "Services"

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bespoke CRM systems
  • 30 years and we still answer to you - not shareholders
  • We use the same branded SQL, HTML, and other skills to adapt your installation as defined by your operational needs, time frames are often hourly.
  • Only £30 per user per month
  • No obligatory Annual upgrade
  • Self hosted CRM options
  • Costs less than most CRM systems
  • Easily adapted
  • Powerful security
  • Fast deployment
  • Frequently updated
  • 30 years real world experience
  • We are easy to work with
  • We give you control
  • You can integrate with other systems as needed
  • We are there when needed as support partners
  • We don't lock you out of anywhere using an API

Summary of Customer Relationship "Services" systems

Keep it simple, avoid clutter (things you don't need and will never use) and never be afraid to adapt your system as needed.

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