Customisable CRM systems extremely flexible

Customisable CRM solutions for industry

All of the core tables are present, all you need do is add the fields you want and you are up and running.

Support is available in the UK or from our US office and the help-desk is always available 24 x 7

Used by thousands of users around the World WiredContact is both functional and robust, the low cost of course makes it popular with the finance team but the automation we have built in is popular with the sales and service departments.

Call us for an on-line demo, if you let us know your industry we will be able to prepare a demonstration that is relevant to your needs.

Customisable CRM systems

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bespoke CRM systems
  • 30 years and we still answer to you - not shareholders
  • We use the same branded SQL, HTML, and other skills to adapt your installation as defined by your operational needs, time frames are often hourly.
  • Only £30 per user per month
  • No obligatory Annual upgrade
  • Self hosted CRM options
  • Costs less than most CRM systems
  • Easily adapted
  • Powerful security
  • Fast deployment
  • Always updated upgrade
  • 30 years real world experience
  • We are easy to work with
  • We give you control
  • You can integrate with other systems as needed
  • We are there when needed as support partners
  • We don't lock you out of anywhere using an API

Summary of Customisable CRM systems and benefits

Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility makes WiredContact the choice of professionals who need control over their data.

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