Cloud CRM systems Since 1996 for most industries - Up and running in days not weeks


Deploy your applications over the web in less than a day and your phones in three days.

Automated Drip Marketing

Automate the essential elements of your business to ensure compliant data handling

Automatic Lead handling

Make sure every lead is followed up in the preferred manner without taking on addition staff

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools leverage islands of data to improve productivity

RingCentral for CRM

Dial from Screen, Call recorder run meetings and a lot more for a low cost

Writing a CRM Brief

Guidance on preparing a brief for your CRM system with advice on how to avoid most pitfalls

Business Administration

When you streamline your Work-flow and improve pipeline visibility it's easier to do business.

Self Hosted CRM

Self Hosted CRM is where you host on your servers, requires higher levels of in house skills

Cloud CRM systems

Cloud CRM systems hosted and managed by us will be the option with the lowest cost.

CRM For Law Firms

Case management, Client Updates, Newsletters, Audit trails, compliance and more.

Hosted CRM benefits

Hosted CRM systems usually cost less than self hosted and deliver more benefits.

90 Day Plan for your CRM

CRM is a process, buying a system is only the start of the process

WiredContact User Guide

Simple to use quick-start guide - full training is also available

Quotes and Sales Opps

Prepare Quotations in minutes and track them like sales opportunities

Media Sales

On-line, Off-line media, account management and CRM system available over multiple locations

Sales Monitoring

Homes, Land, Nationwide sales solutions with comprehensive reporting

Architects Practice

Collation of Drawings, Project management, Planning, and practice management

Self Service Portals

Self Service can speed up the sales and service cycles and improve margins

Sage 50 Accounts

Controlled & secure access with flexible solutions for users to initiate new invoices and quotes

Telesales Calls per hour

How many calls per hour should telesales people make to be effective

CRM For Colleges

Learner engagement, Course management and integrates with EBS and other college systems

Call Centre

Manage multiple campaigns, work-flow and automated fulfilment with this CRM system

Outlook CRM Integration

Store and attach all Outlook Emails sent or received automatically

Property Development Co

Brownfield, land identification, greenfield, and strategic development

Customer Services

Customer Relationship Services system for customer support as opposed to sales

Tele-sales Sales

TPS, CTPS, FPS, DMA, ICO, and then make some sales, Flexible low cost and simple to use CRM

Hospitality - Weddings

Successful events require everyone to understand the detail they need to meet expectations

Rightmove BLM to WordPress

Developed for our own estate agency business. Uses existing BLM file to populate wordpress

Letting Company

Property Management, Landlord and Tenant engagement, Rentals and Valuations and key dates

Hosted SMTP Service

Dont't have your own mailserver and need another carrier to assist with Email delivery ? Try this Company.

EDI Solutions

Easier processing of data, less human interaction, compliance better visibility lower costs

Campaign Manager

Schedule automatic Email newsletters and track who clicks on which link

Disaster Recovery

Complex structure with diverse needs all met within one system, sound too good? Let's talk.

Postcode Solutions

Automatically enter the address from the postcode within your Cloud CRM system

Skype CRM Connector

Dial using Skype from WiredContact and have an audit trail

Facilities Management

An integrated multidisciplinary approach to the coordination of facilities, people and services.

SMS and Fax Solutions

Send faxes and SMS text messages with ease from within your Cloud CRM system

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding lowers the cost of developing software solutions with a simple technique

FSA - Critical events

Automate the reporting, alerting, and essential elements of service delivery and remain compliant

FSA - Critical events

Automate the reporting, alerting, and essential elements of service delivery and remain compliant

Exhibition Management

Lead capture, Exhibitor engagement and automated reporting, data management

CRM for small Business

Simple to use and future proofed - will grow and adapt as you develop your business

CRM for Local Government Overview

A few examples of installations for local Government and Central Government

Economic Regeneration

Economic regeneration solutions centrally managed with controlled access across the County

Migrate From SalesForce

We can help you migrate from SalesForce CRM to a lower cost alternative

DBS Checking systems

Efficiently process staff with ease using our on-line DBS Checking system


Manage Security installs, engineer schedules, customer service across multiple locations.

Advertising Sales Software

Simple solutions to drive more advertising sales revenue with custom automated CRM systems

What does CRM stand for

What does CRM stand for and how does it help your business become more profitable

Non executive CRM Director

Avoid the Pitfalls of trying to implement a full CRM deployment and save money

CRM for MAC Users

Works with all Apple MAC devices and Safari browsers with advance features

Project Management

At a glance see who is associated with or has an interest in any project

Building Control testing

Building Control testing, certification management for SAP & SBEM

Care in the Community

Bespoke Care in the community CRM solutions for local Government

Vehicle Sales

Vehicle orders, Dealer Orders PCH PCP renewals, simple to use hosted CRM solution

FM for housing stock

As used by commercial FM companies although integrated with your LG systems

Franking Machine Sales

Marketing, Monitor usage, billing, quotations, Self service and systems integration

Further Education

Further Education Colleges and others who deliver training rely on our systems