Mailing list solutions with Project Management

Spreadsheets and data everywhere

All you want to do is send out something in the post or keep key contacts well organised so you can engage with them.

  • Inaccurate data held in numerous spreadsheets
  • Countless outlook databases all over the company
  • Trying to consolidate the data so you can use it takes hours.

  • Different naming conventions means you cannot merge data when R Smith, Robert Smith and Bob Smith are all the same person.
  • Inconsistent naming conventions such as Tesco Ltd, Tesco L.t.d. and Tesco Limited are the same but different. The problem goes on,

    Even in outlook the mobile numers are in the wrong field and so is the email address!!!!!!

This is a common problem and costs a lot in terms of wages and causes frustration and confusion.

Work anywhere at any time

  • Hosted CRM for business administration

    Easier Administration

  • Business admin systems using Online hosted CRM solutions

    Access when needed

  • Online CRM systems and low cost cloud crm systems

    Simple Work-flow

  • Simple business administration using Hosted CRM

    Collaborate with ease

Single central online CRM system

No more reliance on multiple outdates spreadsheets, or multiple databases around the company.

Everything you and your team needs to be successful is stored in one place and accessible from anywhere. Our comprehensive data deduplication process makes lite work of the challenge.

Then we go further, we make it simple to manage projects, see at a glance related records and even automate procedures. WiredContact is available on your mobile device, at your desk, at home. Anywhere.

Departmental and / or client specific work flow is simple to implement whilst each can have their own layouts and permissions.

WiredContact is able to integrate with almost any other database system and many web applications.

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A Named single user license is assigned to a named person. A Concurrent multi user license can be assigned to a many more people who can all access the system subject to the value of the license for example up to 5 users at the same time although you assign access to as many people as needed.

Restrictions are applied to the user as they login to ensure each user can see and perhaps not edit certain fields. Telesales could be given access to cleanse and update without being given access to notes and history.

  UK Based Hosted CRM
Simple to use Hosted CRM
  £30 + Vat
Single User (Named) Per Month
£60 + Vat
Multi User (Concurrent) Per Month
Mobile Access Low cost CRM
Customer Portal Hosted CRM Prices
Website Integration Cloud CRM prices
SMS Messaging campaign manager email marketing
Postcode Integration +£10 +£10
Outlook Integration See Prices See Prices
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Example of what your system could look like

Flexibility data management

  • You choose the layout
  • You choose what relates records
  • You choose who sees which records
  • Each user or team of users can have a different experience
  • Self service portal included

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Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility makes WiredContact the choice of professionals.

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