Quotations from Online CRM

Everything about the Quotation module can be adapted to your needs.

In this example we were asked to link with Sage Accounts to facilitate the production of consistent and compliant quotations, as each Quotation is created from the CRM system if becomes a sales opportunity that can easily be reported against and tracked. Quoted can be edited and resent with ease in seconds.

Creating and tracking quotes can be the lifeblood of a strong business, especially when they form the basis of your Sales Pipeline.

WiredContact helps you create simple or complex Quotations and then track them as they proceed to close

The CRM Quotation feature can be branded and adapted to your specific needs and can integrate with other applications as needed.

The quotation system optionally allows for the conversion of simple Quotations to complete invoices, without additional data entry.

Flexible is often key, as such the style and content of Quotations can be adapted to your preferred procedures. Unlike other Quotations systems this is up and running in a day and you can use it without the need for compulsory support and maintenance agreements.

Our CRM quotation system offers a number of options to ensure it adapts to how you need it to work - please call for a demo.