Sales Monitoring Software Simple and Reliable


Overview of Sales Monitoring Software

Capture leads from your website, over the phone, import them or add manually.

Define your stages and objectives per product or service.

  • Send initial information in a few minutes of engagement.
  • Invite to see the product in more detail.
  • Follow up frequently at intervals you determine.
  • Grant access to each office and sales team.
  • Provide Branch, Regional and national reporting automatically.
  • You get the idea, you control the steps needed to get to make a sale.

As a stage is reached an email could be sent to update interested parties.

All the time you await a reply the prospective client can receive teasers to keep your brand in front of them.

Once an client is ready to proceed you have a complete audit trail ready to go.

Automate the administration

Website Integration

We give you the tools to capture the interest directly from your website into your CRM system. Confirmation emails are automatically sent. Any further information you require can be uploaded by prospective clients using the self service portals.

Run as many sites as you want using just one simple to use system.

No more reliance on spreadsheets, missing emails, and multiple databases. Everything you and your team need for a successful exhibition is displayed in one place and accessible from anywhere. Respond to enquiries, progress and share opportunities, log calls and automate procedures - from your tablet, at your desk, at home, from almost anywhere.

Flexible work flows will ensure every vital step is completed as per your agreements with venues and partners.

WiredContact is able to integrate with most other database systems and many web applications.

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Just a few of our CRM Clients

Simplicity and Automation if needed

On-line registrations of interest ensures data is captured automatically.

Sharing details with interested departments and third parties is achieved quickly.

Reports can be automatically emailed to staff / Partners / managers at frequencies you determine.

Keeping your brand looking this good has never been so simple.

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A few of our CRM Clients

Snagging - Service delivery and after care

Ensure your Clients are happy and that your staff know what's out standing at all times.

Have detailed job lists prepared on a client or property record, have it assigned to a worker and email it to them all in real-time. You retain complete control, have an audit trail with sub-contractors and avoid the endless trail of emails often associated with developments.

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A few of our CRM Clients

Snagging - Service delivery and after care

Ensure your Clients are happy and that your staff know what's out standing at all times.

  • Clients can log a ticket 24 x 7
  • Tickets can be automatically directed as needed based on the ticket type such as landscapers, electricians, Plumbers.
  • Open and closed issues are visible to all interested parties

Self service portals for Facilities Management, building works and general support are all available.

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Mobile access where needed

Every Client requires something unique. Set-up fee of £650 then prices as shown below with minimum of £60 per month on a one year agreement.

One system can support multiple branches with a hierarchy management structure so a regional manager can oversee the results from multiple branches without the branches being able to see data from the other branches if needed.

Contractors can be given specific access to tasks and notes relevant to the contract they are working on without buying additional licences. A concurrent licence could be shared between as many people as you need. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A LICENCE FOR EVERYONE. 10 licences well managed could look after 50 people.

  Rental Option
WiredContact Host & Manage Your System - no capital outlay     
  £30 + Vat
Single User (Named) Per Month
£60 + Vat
Multi User (Concurrent) Per Month
Mobile Access Low cost CRM
Customer Portal Hosted CRM Prices
Website Integration Cloud CRM prices
Ability to edit administer and integrate Benefits of self hosting
SMS Messaging campaign manager email marketing
Postcode Integration +£10 +£10
Annual Updates Hosted CRM system prices Online Hosted CRM Prices
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